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    Who is your ultimate woman? What are your darkest sexual wants? The perfect fantasy opportunity is at your fingertips, unlocking your sexual urges has never been more discreet nor accessible, here at sexdoll official we can allow you to obtain your ultimate sexual fantasy with little effort on your part.

    Here at SexDoll Official we are the only company in the world that offers a fully customisable service for sex dolls. We can fully customise your doll for the greatest experience possible. Many people like different types so here at SexDoll Official we like to cater for everyone, whether that be eye colour, cup size, height, hair, pubic hair, face type, face sculpting, skin colour, tattoos, nails, mythical fantasy dolls, voice box’s, vibrating tongues, the possibilities are endless, if you can imagine it we can create it. Each and every order is checked individually so we can really focus on each specific request to create a doll for your dream experience.

    Eye Colour
    Eye colour is very important as it is a distinguishing feature. Here at SexDoll Official we offer a range of different eye colours and shapes. Whether you like dark eyes, bright eyes, or even shades of green then we can match any eye colour of your choice.

    Cup Size
    Lets be honest this one is quite important we offer a huge range of different sizes and types of bust, nipple type, nipple colour. If you have a particular type of breast that you require that is no problem, please get in contact with one of the team, who can help design your dream doll.

    We are able to manufacture the dolls to any size starting from 4.10ft and upwards. With this we have one very important rule we can not manufacture dolls who resemble or give the appearance of children as this is the law.

    We are proud to offer over 100’s of different hair styles and colours, if you have any specific design requirement please get in contact. We can even implant real human hair into the doll. Please see the image bellow for an example of the implanted hair.

    Pubic Hair
    With Pubic hair we are able to implant hair into any area, which is ultra-realistic, we even are able to implant real human hair into the doll. No matter the length whether is be a small strip or a full realistic look.

    Face Type
    We have a huge range of different faces ready to go off the shelf, but if you require a custom face, for example a loved one or even a famous crush please contact one of the team who will be able to help.

    Skin Colour
    We offer a huge range of different colours for our dolls, you can decide on the normal dark or pale skin tones, or even out of the ordinary colours such as green or even blue.

    Face Sculpting
    Here at SexDoll official we proud to announce that we are able to produce custom faces, we have professional sculptors who create a model of your desired face then hand produce it into a silicone model. Then a team of professional makeup artists then take the silicone model and give it the professional finish you know and love. We only require different angle images of the required face. Please see an example of our face sculpting service below.

    Mythical and Fantasy Dolls
    Here at SexDoll Official we offer a huge range of mythical and fantasy dolls, We have many different designs and are able to produce the majority or customer requests, Whether you like elves, demons, pixies, or even avatars or anything mythological please contact one of our sales team.

    Here at SexDoll Official we offer a full tattooing service; we are able to produce many tattoos that are hand tattooed onto the doll by fully trained professional tattoo artists. Please see below an example of our work, If you have any questions please contact one of our sales team.

    All of our dolls come with natural fingernails and toenails, if you require a different colour then we can of course fulfil this.

    Voice Box’s
    We also offer the additional and optional added extra of having voice boxes put into your doll to give it an even more realistic experience, most retailers don’t offer this and we specialise in being able to add whatever voice or dialogue that you would like.

    Vibrating Tongues
    As standard you would get a normal tongue, but we now offer a vibrating tongue, The vibrating tongue is battery powered and is removable.

    If you have any requirements about a custom doll please get in contact with one of our sales team on with your ideas who will help create your dream SexDoll. With the custom doll service we offer the possibilities are endless. Here at SexDoll Official we are here to help you fulfil your wildest fantasies.

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